printableThe 9 Signs of Alcoholism

  1. Increase in alcohol tolerance.”I can drink them under the table.”
  2. Occasional or partial memory lapses.”Did I really do that last night?”
  3. Drinking beyond one’s intentions.”Boy, did I get smashed! I should have eaten something.”
  4. Increased dependence on alcohol.”I can’t wait…got to have a quickie.”
  5. Sneaking drinks.”I needed that extra one…who’s to know?”
  6. Preoccupation with alcohol.”Election Day is tomorrow…better pick up a bottle.”
  7. Resentful whenever one’s drinking is discussed.”It’s none of their business…I can handle it.”
  8. Futile, frustrating water-wagon attempts.”This time I’ve just got to do it…Just got to!”
  9. Rationalizing loss of control.”If they had my problems, they’d drink too!”

* J.J. Keller & Associates