Guidance Associates of Pennsylvania: Parent Self Test

printableSubstance Abuse: Parent’s Self Test

Put aside worrying about your children for now and take a few minutes to consider your own values and behavior, specifically your own alcohol/drug-related values and behavior. These questions may help you clarify some attitudes and behaviors that have become so automatic that you never stop to think about them anymore. If you answer “yes” to four or more questions, you may want to seek help in changing your lifestyle.

  1. When you have friends over do you immediately offer them a drink (alcoholic)?
  2. When you have a headache or are nervous or upset, is your immediate response to “take something” to get rid of the feeling?
  3. Have you children ever seen you drunk?
  4. When you seek medical help for a physical ailment, are you disappointed when the doctor doesn’t give you a prescription or some other medication?
  5. In your home is it considered “manly” or “macho” to be able to drink a lot, or is it “unladylike” to drink a lot?
  6. In your home do people joke about getting drunk and doing crazy things (“Boy, Fred got so drunk the other night, he…”)?
  7. Do you know about and utilize methods to cope with minor aches and pains other than “taking something?”
  8. Do you routinely take some medication to fall asleep? Something to stay awake (coffee, coke, etc.)?
  9. Do your children ever hear their parents arguing about one or the other having had too much to drink?
  10. Do you smoke cigarettes? How many packs per day?
  11. If drinking often the topic of conversation in your home?
  12. Does your group of friends share prescriptions or any other medicines that have “worked” for them?
  13. Have you ever warned your children about smoking while you were smoking? How about drinking?
  14. Do you smoke marijuana? When, and how often?
  15. Do you know the difference between a social drinker and an abusive drinker? Is there a difference?
  16. Do you use any chemical substances to comfort yourself when you’re depressed or “feeling down”?