Franklin Family Services: Professional Staff

Our Franklin Family Services professional staff are listed below, along with their office locations. Click their names to view further information about specialties and interests.

Despina Aftosmes, LSW, Cac (Camp Hill / Hershey)
Marc Strawderman, Ed.D (BHRS Clinical Supervisor)
Ruth Cruz Roldan, MA BSL ( Carlisle/ Camp Hill)
Dixie Ellis, BS (Franklin/Fulton County Family Based)
Pamela Floyd, MSW (Camp Hill)
Dennis Graybill, Lic Psy (Camp Hill / Hershey)
Delyara Mamedova, LCSW (Carlisle)
Stephanie Maxwell, BS (Cumberland/Perry County Family Based)
Gregory P. Plotica, Lic Psy (Camp Hill)
Matthew Polito, M.Ed. (Chambersburg / Evening Appointment)
Tara Sarge, MSW (Family-Based Clinical Supervisor)
Michael Sites, (Chambersburg / Carlisle)
Elizabeth Spresser, LMFT (Chambersburg / evening and Saturday appointments available)
J. Scott Trayer, D.O. (Carlisle / Chambersburg / Camp Hill)